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The Kindle Fire Success Story Winners Are…

Watch the video below to see if you were one of the two winners in the Kindle Fire Success Story Contest.

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A Quick Lesson About Business Fantasyland

In this day and age we get bombarded by new opportunities
(it seems daily) on ways to easily make money claiming that
you can simply push a button and watch it fall out of the
sky while you sit and collect it in your Lamborghini sports

It’s called “Shiny Object” syndrome and it affects millions
of people each and everyday. Businesses promising to show you
how to make outrageous amounts of money with zero effort, weight
loss products claiming to be the next magic pill etc, etc, etc…

You’re smarted than that and you know the truth is that success
takes a little effort and is not created in fantasyland, or in
a classroom.

It takes real world proven information and methodology from
people who have tested systems and processes and who continue
tweaking them to make sure they continue to work through any
market condition or economic changes.. and of course these
methods and systems then need to be implemented.

I had a business class back in college that assigned us a
project to create an imaginary business from the ground up.

It required a business plan, a product, financial data, demo-
graphic studies to determine where the target market would be
and where we would get our funding just to name a few.

It seemed like a lot of work and the person teaching actually
had never really owned a business, yet is trying to teach us how
to be successful in business!!!

It doesn’t make sense now when I look back on it, but it reminds me
of all these new daily “Shiny Objects” offered by many who have
never actually been successful with them.

I have learned after many years of trial and error that the quickest
way to success in anything is to search and locate someone who has
actually already reached success (and can prove it) and is where you’d
like to be and then learn everything you can from them to cut your
learning curve and get you to success quicker.

It’s also known as learning from those who actually “walk the walk”.

As you know, one of my biggest goals is to help you cut through the
fat (BS) and get to the good stuff… the information that helps cut your
learning curve and gets you closer to success.

The point is that if you want to reach success, make sure
that you are following the right leaders.

All my best,

Anthony Simonie

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“I Believe In You”…

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Happy Turkey Lurkey Day!

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How Bad Do You Want It?

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